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Life consists of power games every day -

why not clearly set the roles right at the beginning?

Mistress Mila Femdom Domina Berlin
Mistress Mila Femdom Domina Berlin

Social Time only

up to 2h/ 350€

4h/ 550€ 

every additional hour 150€

Private Time

up to 2h/ 650€ 

3h/ 850€

every additional hour 200€

Dinner & Domination

up to 4h/ 1000€ 

6h/ 1300€ 

every additional hour 200€

Overnight & FMTY

12 - 15h/ 2200€
15 - 19h/ 2800€

24h+ and FMTY on request

I will always give priority to longer dates that include a social experience like dinner, shopping or a social event, but will also accept shorter requests from well mannered gentlemen who prefer it quick and dirty.

Mistress Mila Femdom Domina Berlin

Spoil your Mistress

If you are not sure what to get your Mistress, feel free to scroll through my carefully curated selection of goodies to gift me Jacquemus, Gucci, Prada, Marika Vera, Aesop, DSTM, Dries van Noten, Fleet Ilya, Versace Home, USM, Vitra

If you're not sure what to get me, choose something from my wishtender.

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