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Following these steps you might have earned the unique and intense pleasure that comes with responsible & creative BSDM play.

  1. Take time and read my website thoroughly. You can impress me with attention.

  2. I only accept submissives who apply through my booking form. I look for well-articulated, specific, and respectful requests that allow me to get a first taste of you and your fantasies.

  3. Session requests should be made at least one week or more in advance, as I am very busy and my time is  treasured. I generally will not answer requests with 48-hours or less notice.

  4. Sessions will be at a space of my choosing. Outcalls will be considered on a case-by-case basis and require a professional BDSM Studio or a 5* Hotel paid by you. If you want me to book a space, notice that you need to pay in advance.

  5. Be patient! I will let you know if I am interested in you. Keep in mind that  your purpose as a sub is to serve and to satisfy me.

  6. Be open! You can learn something about yourself during a session.

  7. Communicate! Verbalization is necessary, but at the appropriate time and in the appropriate way. I need to know basic information about you, such as experiences, fantasies, health concerns and limits. But - unless it's an emergency - wait until I tell you to speak. Don't be afraid to share your needs and fantasies. Lying about these informations can only lead to problems as I will base the session on your information. Besides  causing problems it can be dangerous.

  8. Be healthy! The amount you sleep, your eating habits, your alcohol and drug intake and everyday stress affect your response and endurance during a session. I need to know if your physical or emotional energy is low. Show up to sessions on time (early is also not on time), clean shaven in nether regions (this does not apply if you want forced hair removal), clean body outside (and if inside at least 3 hours prior - ask me for tips), teeth brushed, without perfume/cologne, and with tribute as instructed.

  9. Don't expect me to be a puppet in your fantasy play you've written in your head.  Know the difference between reality and the fantasy world you see in books and magazines. It's far better to let me surprise you, to extend your limits, to take you to places you're never been before. I will guide you into new fantasies.

  10. Be really submissive! You have agreed to limitations of your own power. Stay within those limitations. Respect and obey me at all times and expect punishment if you don't. Accept it gracefully and cheerfully. Be loyal and dependable and enjoy your role. After all, sexuality is all about having a good time.

Mistress Mila Femdom Domina Berlin
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