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Rule number 1 - You call me Mistress Mila.
Rule number 2 - You are always obedient.

Mistress Mila Femdom Domina Berlin from the side looking out of a window
Mistress Mila Femdom Domina Berlin standing with one high heel on a bed

Thanks to my delicate physique of a former ballet dancer as well as the piercing look of my green eyes, I fill every room I enter with my avant-garde attitude that you just have to bow to -  the symbiosis of female dominance and pure eroticism. 

Due to my natural dominance I exude natural elegance in every session without exception as I value authenticity and class. I am less of sadist yet more of an elegant seductress with a faible for authority.

Whether I stand in front of you with a black leather mask and in a freshly oiled latex outfit with a crop in my hand or in a set of luxurious lingerie, I decide according to my mood. On the condition of you begging for it properly, I might consider wearing your outfit of choice - which will always be skillfully adapted to the occasion. 


I seek subs who crave a powerful woman, who lust after me and can't stop dreaming about me.

Will you dare to do so?

Mistress Mila Femdom Domina Berlin licking a knife

Age Late 20s

Size 34/36

Height 182

Shoes 39/40

Tattoos Yes

Smoking No

When I stroll through the streets of Berlin, my statuesque appearance makes me stand out from the crowd effortlessly. Picture me wearing a fitted little black dress which underlines my sleek body. My elf-like facial features and delicate figure as well as freshly manicured hands and discreet make-up always underline my natural elegance.

Don't be a fool and assume otherwise  - I stand 6 feet tall, your towering domme, awaiting you to serve me. I am selective, exclusive and provide a connection far deeper than sex. I unconditionally respond to your submissive fantasies as an experienced and versatile femdom. With my master's degree in psychology I will also challenge you intellectually. 

Whether it is an intense tête-à-tête over a few hours in one of my favorite luxury hotels or the thrilling sensation of several weeks constrained by chastity - skillfully and always keeping my composure, I will introduce you to the world of female domination. 

I love to max out sexual taboos - hardly any fetish or kink is far from me. This is a safe space but I will make you bleed if you desire so. And I can hold you like your mother never did. 

A red and wet Porsche with the golden Porsche logo on its door

Spoil your Mistress  

If you want to be a good sub and surprise my with a gift, here is a list of my favorite brands Jacquemus, Gucci, Prada, Marika Vera, Aesop, DSTM, Dries van Noten, Fleet Ilya, Versace Home, USM, Vitra

If you're not sure what to get me, choose something from my wishtender.

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